Custom Levels, Wikis, IRC, and More!

Hello there! There are a lot of new Beret-related things going on that may be of interest to some of you.

Firstly, three new Beret custom levels have been added since I last posted. You can find them in the usual spot at The new custom levels are:

Kaizo Beret by AkiTG
Chaosity by mizerydearia
Department of Platforming: That One Division by FrostyFish88

Isocitration has also graced the internet with a Let’s Play of Chaosity, which is mostly filled with despair.

Secondly, FrostyFish88 has been kind enough to start a Beret wiki, which could use some more collaborators.

Thirdly, if you’d like to drop by the Beret IRC channel, it’s #beret on freenode. If you’re not familiar with IRC, you can just use that link or the one on the bar to the right.

Also, my next game, Bonnet, is progressing nicely. I’m not going to officially reveal much more than the name just yet, and there’s definitely not a release date, but you can expect more fiendish puzzles, and I’m designing the engine to allow for more interesting platforming mechanics than Beret had. So stay tuned!

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End of the LP

Iso’s Let’s Play of Beret has come to an end. (Err.. a while ago – this post’s a little late.) Quite impressively, he was able to get all 120 medallions without any hints (barring one or two in the very early levels about game mechanics) and provide interesting and amusing commentary throughout the whole game. The LP is by no means a train wreck despite Iso’s early claims – it turns out he’s pretty good at talking and solving puzzles at the same time! (And he’s even quite amusing while despairing!)

Thanks, Iso. This was quite a joy to watch.

The full LP is available on Iso’s channel.

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Isocitration’s Beret LP

Isocitration, a YouTube LPer, has started a Beret Let’s Play today. And hey, you should check it out!

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