PCMA 1.1

PCMA 1.1 has been released.


  • Better handling of multiple resolutions, including automatic detection of the native resolution.
  • Fixed framerate / vsync issue on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug related to setting high scores in practice mode.
  • Miscellaneous UI and level design changes.
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4 comments on PCMA 1.1

  1. Isocitration says:

    Something I’ve noticed in this release is that there’s often very noticeable screen tearing when playing in windowed mode. Possibly due to vsync?

    Also some pretty wacky things happen if you try to change the resolution while in full screen. (the resolution size changes without needing to restart, but the screen doesn’t bother adjusting to the new size)

    • kiwisauce says:

      For the vsync issue, can you check the debug.log file? It should say on one line whether it was successful in enabling vsync or not. However, there is an issue with the graphics card on my laptop that causes it to claim vsync has been successfully enabled when I can tell it hasn’t. Vsync has never worked properly on my laptop, though, so if it worked on yours in previous versions and doesn’t now, that’s surprising.

      I must have forgotten to take out the code that attempts to change the resolution in-game. The reason for requiring a restart is that some systems are terrible at changing window parameters after they have been created, so it’s safer to restart with the new settings.

      Thanks for the bug reports!

      • Isocitration says:

        debug.log says it’s been successfully activated.

        I also checked the previous version’s debug.log and vsync is not even listed, but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be.

        My laptop has also had problems with vsync in the past, so my graphics card is set to disable vsync unless the application specifies it. Maybe it was never enabled for me in previous versions?

        I can try fiddling with my graphic settings, but I know a lot of games include an option to disable vsync. Something to consider maybe?

  2. Lopsy says:

    This game is harder than Touhou. Or maybe I’m just not used to dodging horizontally.

    I’ll keep trying. This is fun as heck.

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