PCMA Update at the End of January

Seeing as how January is just about over, I should notify the few people who actually read this that PCMA isn’t going to be ready for at least a few more weeks. I don’t want to set a specific date since there’s still a bit more content to add and a lot more polishing that can be done, and I don’t really know how long it will take. Here’s a more detailed description of what I have left to do:

  • Finish the higher difficulty levels of the epilogue.
  • Finish the “Rosy Vengeance” mini-scenario.
  • Compose the epilogue boss theme, the thirteenth and final song in the game.
  • Finish writing dialog for both playable characters.
  • Improve usability of menus.
  • Add functionality for saving and watching arbitrary replays. (Replays are currently auto-saved for high scores in both the main mode and attack practice.)
  • Fix various bugs and inconsistencies with the scripting engine.
  • Fix various graphics compatibility issues.

I think that’s about it! No musical spoilers this time, but here are some screenshots of what I’m working on in the epilogue:

Scouring of the Psyche

Dreams of Envy

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3 comments on PCMA Update at the End of January

  1. Frozelar says:

    Kiwisauce the liar is making me wait even longer for a game that I want real bad

    why kiwiman why do you give me problems

    (I am even more hyped now, thanks a lot)

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