Some Screenshots and a Song

But not in that order.

Rihel’s Theme

Contorting Snare

Panic Crisis Mage Attack, a.k.a. the game that I am now working on but have only just now posted about here, should be ready for release in about a month or so. This time around, my friend Michelle Shepardson is working on the character design and graphics, so things are looking much more professional than in Beret! You can find more of her work here:

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2 comments on Some Screenshots and a Song

  1. Isocitration says:

    Yes!!! Finally!

    Those character graphics are looking pretty adorable. And those bullets patterns look even more sinister than any I can remember…

    Can’t wait for the release!

  2. Frozelar says:

    Oh heck yes.

    Thank you Kiwisauce. I am the hyped-est man
    (yes, even more hyped than Iso)

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