Beret 1.2.1

Whoa, look at that, I’m not dead. This mini-release has a few more bugfixes and amazingly also includes some new features designed and coded up by members of the community. Here’s the changelog!

  • New tile: Darkness Tile. Designed by Isocitration and coded by Mitchell.
  • Custom message signs can now be placed in the editor. Designed by FrostyFish88/Mitchell and coded by Mitchell.
  • Gravity switches are no longer triggered by antimatter.
  • Matterly has been removed from the editor. (You couldn’t select her anyway…)
  • When a smashable object is smashed against or with an infectling, the infection takes priority over the smashing.
  • Stopped a popping sound from being played when ghosts are removed in the editor.
  • Fireworks no longer explode when they are infected.

Again, thanks to everyone who brought these bugs to my attention, and special thanks to Iso, Frosty, and Mitchell for their contributions.

Beret can be downloaded in the same spot as always, i.e. right here.

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  1. mcirsta says:

    I’d really need a source tarball for your game. This is because I’m working on a Linux distribution and we want to package the game.
    A source tarball with everything needed would be great as one of our users requested your game.

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