End of the LP

Iso’s Let’s Play of Beret has come to an end. (Err.. a while ago – this post’s a little late.) Quite impressively, he was able to get all 120 medallions without any hints (barring one or two in the very early levels about game mechanics) and provide interesting and amusing commentary throughout the whole game. The LP is by no means a train wreck despite Iso’s early claims – it turns out he’s pretty good at talking and solving puzzles at the same time! (And he’s even quite amusing while despairing!)

Thanks, Iso. This was quite a joy to watch.

The full LP is available on Iso’s channel.

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  1. Isocitration says:

    You’re welcome! And thanks for making Beret; my life will never be the same!

    Greatly looking forward to your next project!

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