Deception LLC

It’s been a while! Enough of a while that there is now a pack of three custom levels from a fellow called Leylite available for download on the Beret forums. The pack, entitled ‘Deception LLC’, uses a subset of the elements of the game in very creative ways and has some pretty devious puzzles – if you’ve beaten the main game, there’s no excuse not to play through it!

You can get Deception LLC here.

In addition to the instructions Leylite kindly included in the readme, this thread has instructions for sharing and playing custom levels.

If you need a reminder as to how to access the editor and custom level screen without all the medallions, look here.

And have some screenshots:

Department of Public Relations, Lobbying Division

Department of Manipulation, Coercement Division

Department of Security, Irreversibility Division

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  1. Lopsy says:

    Okay, LeyLite, here’s your video: sCRXFkKYWd0
    If you’re not LeyLite, don’t watch this! Mostly because I played music over me solving the level and the recording turned out pretty bad. LESSONS LEARNED

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