Beret 1.1.99999

Alright, it’s time for another Beret patch thingy. This is a pretty big one compared to the last few, and isn’t just bug fixes. Here is the list of changes:

  • The game now remembers exactly which collectables you have picked up in each level. For example, when you replay a level that you’ve collected three of the four orange medallion corners in, the ones you already have will be transparent. This applies to blue medallion fragments, orange medallion corners, white medallions, and rooms cleared (for the red medallion). You still have to get to the finish door to save these, though.
  • Beret’s eyes now glow when he’s using telekinesis.
  • Fixed a bug involving the player leaving the second boss’s room after beating him and not being able to end the level. (This was happening for a completely different reason than the bug I fixed earlier with the first boss, but I’ve checked and neither of these bugs affect the third boss… so hopefully the bosses are bug-free now.)

This update is completely backwards compatible with saves from previous versions.

Do I even have to say it? You can download Beret here.

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2 comments on Beret 1.1.99999

  1. emjk says:

    I suppose, as with the last update, the game keeps our savegames with this new version?

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