Beret 1.0.997

A new version of Beret has just been uploaded to address a few more bugs and level design issues. One puzzle in level 13 that wasn’t even supposed to be a puzzle was impossible, so I highly recommend updating. It’s perfectly safe to copy over your existing Beret files – your saves will be untouched.

Here are the details:

  • Added a version number on the title screen.
  • Fixed the game crashing when the mouse was moved off the left side of the map screen in the Windows version.
  • Added a note about how to access the help menu for the level editor.
  • Fixed 4 fragments in level 13 that were impossible to get.
  • Fixed several minor level design issues in level 11.

You can download the new version at the usual place.

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4 comments on Beret 1.0.997

  1. Reflectivist says:

    Just wanted to say I’m really enjoying your game. And thanks for fixing the level 13 bug – I was about to start going crazy, especially since I don’t like moving on without collecting all the medals in a level.

    Your puzzles continue to make me think they’re impossible, only for a solution to finally reveal itself. It’s pretty impressive to do that consistently. Currently, I’m stuck on one of the gold quarter-shards in level 15. There’s a green switch that holds a few boxes up, and I need to hit it to open the space with the shard. I figure I need the boxes somehow, but there’s no place to put them when I go to hit the green switch – they’re destined to fall off the screen. Even if I somehow managed to save one, there’d still be no place to place it. I’m tempted to say this is impossible and the red blocks should be blue, but I’ve thought other puzzles were impossible before figuring them out. Could you give me a nudge in the right direction?

    Again, great game with great puzzles.

    • kiwisauce says:

      Thanks, I’m happy you’re enjoying the puzzles! The one you’re talking about is definitely possible, but quite tricky. :)

      Here’s a hint: the blocks are link blocks for a reason. You’ll need to make use of a property of link blocks that has been used in at least one puzzle before to save the blocks.

      I hope that helps a little!

      • Reflectivist says:

        Thanks! It finally dawned on me how to save the blocks. Just two medals to go – the silver medals in levels 18 and 20. Again, wonderful game.

        Out of curiosity, how long did the game take to develop?

        • kiwisauce says:

          Haha, nice! That’s great that you’re that far. Enjoy the last two puzzles!

          The short answer is that I spent about 2.5 years developing it, but the somewhat longer answer is that it took 6 months of coding, 1 year of level design, and 1 year of agonizingly slow playtesting and bug-fixing to get it into a state where I wanted to release it. :)

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