Beret Forum

I’ve heard a lot of requests for help with puzzles and people saying it would be nice to have a walkthrough or forum, so I’ve just opened up a forum at If you’re stuck on a puzzle or want to report a bug, feel free to post there.

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Beret 1.1.99999

Alright, it’s time for another Beret patch thingy. This is a pretty big one compared to the last few, and isn’t just bug fixes. Here is the list of changes:

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Isocitration’s Beret LP

Isocitration, a YouTube LPer, has started a Beret Let’s Play today. And hey, you should check it out!

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Beret 1.0.997

A new version of Beret has just been uploaded to address a few more bugs and level design issues. One puzzle in level 13 that wasn’t even supposed to be a puzzle was impossible, so I highly recommend updating. It’s perfectly safe to copy over your existing Beret files – your saves will be untouched.

Here are the details:

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