Beret 1.0.1

I’ve put out a new version of Beret to address a few bugs that were brought to my attention, including:

  • Certain crushing sound effects were not playing correctly.
  • The first boss would fail to load if the player beat him and then replayed the level or restarted the room immediately.
  • Selecting menu options with the mouse wasn’t working in the Windows and Linux versions.

As always, you can download Beret here.

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2 comments on Beret 1.0.1

  1. emjk says:

    Just checking in to compliment on your game. Not only is it the best platformer I’ve played in ages, it is also freely available on Mac, which is a big plus.
    But wow, it’s also one of the toughest games out here! Pity no one has bothered to make a walkthrough yet, some puzzles are just impossible for me (screenshots 5 and 9 of your gallery are good examples).
    Is there a reward for getting all the badges? Because I don’t think I ever will… Even if I figure out all the puzzles, some green badges require paranormal skills…

    • kiwisauce says:

      Thanks, I’m glad you like it! And yes, it is quite difficult… :)

      The reward for getting all the Medallions is access to the final department, which is the level editor. You can also get to it by entering a cheat code, though (as I mentioned in an earlier post). Only 100 Medallions out of 120 are required to beat the game.

      It would be cool if someone wrote a walkthrough… I’d feel silly writing one myself though.

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