Beret 1.0.1

I’ve put out a new version of Beret to address a few bugs that were brought to my attention, including:

  • Certain crushing sound effects were not playing correctly.
  • The first boss would fail to load if the player beat him and then replayed the level or restarted the room immediately.
  • Selecting menu options with the mouse wasn’t working in the Windows and Linux versions.

As always, you can download Beret here.

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Indie Gamers Review

Rikus of has written an excellent review of Beret, which can be found here. Thank you, Rikus!

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Unlock the Editor

If you’re interested in the level editor and don’t want to unlock it the hard way, you can type ‘evilevilevil’ on the map screen. You just have to know how to get around the bureaucracy with things like this…

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Beret Release!

Beret has finally been released! Go download it for free! Yippee!

Now there’s a Linux version in addition to the Windows and Mac OS X versions, thanks to my friend Nathan Weizenbaum!

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