Beret Demos!

Demo versions of the first four levels of my game, Beret, have been uploaded. You can download the demos here. There are versions for Windows and Mac OS X right now, and a Linux version will go up as soon as I get around to compiling it.

Beret is a game about solving puzzles with telekinesis and running around through the departments of the Evil Corporation, where the game’s titular character formerly worked. Each of the levels has six Medallions to collect, and you’ll need a certain number of Medallions to gain access to each new level. The puzzles get pretty tricky – you might have to figure out how to use the objects in a room as an elevator, create a structure that suspends itself in midair, or design a perpetual motion machine using blocks and switches that change the room’s gravity.

And here are a few screenshots!

Full versions of the game will hopefully be available soon.

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